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          40 years of history,Sdmsseal has been to explore in the field of fluid sealing and worked hard to get the affirmation of the customer.
          In the oil, gas, mining, coal, nuclear power, steel, aluminum oxide, chemical industry, chemical fiber, pharmacy, agriculture fertilizer, desulphurization and denitration, sewage treatment, etc. Almost all of industrial fields and professional pump factory, Sdmsseal products are being more and more by customers to understand, recognition and use.

          Our Customers

          Aluminum Corporation
          Huadian Corporation

          National Petroleum Corporation

          Taiji Group

          Sinochem Group

          Wuliangye Group
          Baosteel Group
          Wu Er Wu Pump

          Minmetals Corporation

          Shenhua Group

          KSB Shanghai
          Industrial Pump
          Kingda Pump
          Shuanglun Ltd.
          Blower Works Group

          Yanchang Group
          Guodian Corporation

          Datang Corporation

          Kailin Group
          Electric Power Ltd.

          Itt Machinery Ltd.
          9D Group

          Yuntianhua Group
          Coking Coal Group
          Huaneng Group

          Lantian Group
          Yidong Group
          Chitianhua Group
          Tianqi Lithium
          Lanxiao High Tech

          Haoshi Pump

          Nongfu Spring Ltd.
          Tianlun ChemicalLtd.
          Hekou Power

          Tongda Pump
          Jiahe Ltd.
          North Nitrocellulose Corporation
          Lutianhua Ltd.
          Dnb Pump

          Gxhyl Ltd.
          Lantian Chemical
          Energy Group
          Qingdao Beer

          Huvis Korea

          Yinge Ltd.
          Valve Ltd.
          Pearl Pump

          Win-win Group

          Ompa Group

          Jiangli Sci-Tech
          Puluo Ltd.
          Longlai Ltd.
          Resources Group

          Sierte Fertilizer

          Scc Group
          Bnmc group

          Manganese Group

          Haoji Food

          Shenfeng Cement Group

          Jiantai Electric Power

          Fengwei Silicon

          Allcan Chemical

          Yuzhou Water Pump

          Nine Dragons Paper

          Yongxiang Ltd.

          Knteng Pump

          JEI Group

          Stanley Group

          Chemical Industry Group

          Industrial Pump

          North China Pharmaceutical

          Harbin Pharmaceutical

          Jointown Pharmaceutical.

          Sanlian Pump Group

          Binghua Group

          Zijin Mining Group

          Western Mining

          Nonferrous Metal Mining

          Power Investment Corporation

          Huineng Group

          Ximen Group

          Lier ChemicalLtd.

          Jianmen Pump

          SanXia Paint

          Fspg Hi-tech

          Orient Zirconic Ltd.

          Jinchuan Group

          KaiLuan Group

          KaiLuan Group

          Yankuang Group

          Yankuang Group

          Yankuang Group

          China Coal Group

          Shaanxi Coal Group

          China National Coal

          Liuguo Chemical Ltd.

          Annada Titanium Ltd.

          Zhongfu Industrial

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          Company:Sdms Seal Co.,Ltd.
          Add:No.222,Liangshuijing road,Daan district,Zigong ,Sichuan,China
          Tel: 0086-813-5100843
          Fax: 0086-813-5100438
          SDMSSEAL     In Business Since 1976