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          Sdmsseal widely associated with external technical institutions to carry out the technology pr and product design.
          Continuous breakthrough in technology in recent years and undertake at least two key technology research projects at the provincial level in every year. It has played a good facilitator after technical cooperation with institutions and scientific research institutions in industry technology extensive.

          Tech Cooperation
          Harbin Institute of Technology
          Harbin Institute of Technology (referred to as the Harbin Institute of Technology) was founded in 1920, is affiliated to the Ministry of industry and information technology, is by the Ministry of industry, Ministry of education, Heilongjiang province to build national key university, is one of several university first entered the national "211 Project" and "985 Project" construction. At present, with Yu company in the application of materials in the field to carry out technical cooperation.
          Sichuan University of Science & Engineering
          Sichuan University of Science and Engineering was founded in 1965, formerly known as the original East China Institute of Chemical Technology (now East China University of Science and Technology) southwest branch. School of existing staff more than 2000 people, Professor, associate professor, nearly 628 people, has a doctorate, masters degree more than 946 teachers. At present, and Yu companies in technology research and achievements transformation of cooperation.
          Shandong University
          Shandong University originated in 1864, has a long history, the academic strength, has important influence in the domestic and foreign key comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of education, the university is one of the national "211 Project" and "985 Project" key construction of high level. At present, and Yu companies in technology research and achievements transformation of cooperation.
          Hefei General Machinery Research Institue
          Hefei General Machinery Research Institute was founded in 1957, has now become a pressure vessel and chemical equipment, refrigeration and air-conditioning control technology, fluid machinery, food packaging machinery, petroleum equipment composed of many professional, comprehensive research institute. At present the company with Yu in scientific research and technology, information technology, industry standards and other areas of cooperation.
          Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institue Co.Ltd
          Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Institute was founded in 1958, is subordinate to the national State Nuclear Power Technology Corp, is internationally competitive power design consulting and construction service provider, has the ability to provide the qualification and ability of all-round, the whole industry chain for electric power engineering construction and operation. At present, with Da Yu in the industrial technology and products supporting cooperation.

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