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          SDMSSEAL is one of the China markets leading providers in the design and manufacture of mechanical seals, committed to quality and local service since we were established in 1976, Our outstanding reputation for designing and engineering high-quality, durable, customized solutions is market recognized. It focus on solution for innovation, excellence and continuous improvement of all aspects of our business. Over the years, We have 5000 customers ,20 world wide patent certificates,supplying customers in 300000 items with certification ISO9001 , QS,API Q1 and employ a network of sales engineers and technical support specialists, which are strategically located to provide customers with the widest selection of mechanical seals and fastener stock ready for immediate delivery. Meetting demand responsibly is extremely important to us,we partner with our customers and help them meet the latest environmental standards and keep their operations safe and controlled.

          In 2015, By investing in pioneering technology,we aim to exploit oversea market, We offer design and manufacturing expertise around the world, solving your critical challenges through the development of custom-designed, leading-edge components. We''''re challenging industry standards, challenging thinking and challenging to be leading the global sealing market. SDMSSEALò is your trusted partner for the most advanced solutions.

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          Company:Sdms Seal Co.,Ltd.
          Add:No.222,Liangshuijing road,Daan district,Zigong ,Sichuan,China
          Tel: 0086-813-5100843
          Fax: 0086-813-5100438
          SDMSSEAL     In Business Since 1976